Cirkeltijgers DMW1 – Cometas DMW 1, 30 October

Cometas DMW1 – Cirkeltijgers DMW1

On Wednesday the 30th of October, the ladies midweek team had to make the long journey to Leeuwarden to play a match against Cometas. Not everybody was able to play due to school and other things, so Manon, Sigrit and Kirsten joined us. We arrived in Leeuwarden on time, had a peptalk from our captain Ninke, did a little warm-up and then it was time to play.

The beginning of the match went really great, especially in defence. We trained a lot on communicating in defence – especially concerning the pivot – and it’s already gotten a lot better since the start of the season. After about 15 minutes, we were 4-6 in the lead. During this time Kirsten achieved her goal of the season: she got a 2-minute suspension, because the referee thought she insulted him (which she didn’t, by the way). Anne went on goal during this time, while Kirsten had to sit on the bench. It caused a bit of chaos because nobody had ever experienced it before and we weren’t quite sure how Kirsten had to go back in goal, but in the end the opponents only scored once during the suspension so there wasn’t too much damage done.

After our great start, something suddenly changed. We got a bit sloppy and were very inaccurate in our passing, which ended in a couple of fast goals from the opponent and a half-time score of 8-6 in favour of Cometas. Nobody was nervous yet and after a little talk during the break we were determined to take the two points back to Groningen with us.

Sadly, the inaccurate passing continued and only after 15 minutes in the second half we were able to score again. Cometas was already 16-6 in the lead by then. The last ten minutes went better again, but the difference was already too big. In the end we lost, 19-9.

Although the second half didn’t go as planned and a lot of things went wrong, there were also definitely positive aspects to this match. We’ve already made a lot of progress in defence, and if we practice some more on the passing, I’m sure we will win our first two points of the season next week against Aeolus!

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