The Information Committee

Now is the time to introduce you to the most fun committee of this year, the infocie. We are the people who spill the beans about you and your fellow tigers.

To start with: our most energetic person from the whole CT, Maud (also known as Joke).  When she is in her natural habitat, this tiger loves to drink alcohol. But when she is drinking rosé, she is completely herself. It’s rosé Maud.

Next up: Kocks (also known as Manon). This is our very own ginger tiger, a rare kind of tiger. She is the midback/right back from the ladies sunday 3 team and also our secretary this year. This tiger likes to tell everyone her funny but also weird stories and is always showing her dance moves in the Jut.

Our third member I want to introduce is: Sigrit. This tiger is playing in ladies Sunday 2 as a pivot, but she also plays midback. This tiger isn’t afraid to join other teams in need. Sigrit is a very social animal that can’t be missed at the CT.

The fourth member I want to introduce is: Mandy. This is also a party tiger who’s not afraid to show her twerk moves. She also can break off her own back (if you haven’t seen her doing this, play the song bruk off yuh back and she will do it for you).

Our fifth member: Bassie. This ginger tiger is the trainer of ladies Sunday 1. Next to that, we are not really sure about what he’s doing at the CT. This tiger always shows up at the social events, what a social butterfly he is. He is not afraid to drink beer and be himself. If you want to hear jokes that are a bit harsh but very funny, Bassie is your guy.