Welcome at our student handball society H.V. de Cirkeltijgers. We were founded in 1963 in Groningen. Since then our society counts about 100 members. We are proud to be the biggest student handball society in this country. We are a society with lots fun, great activities and handball pleasure. Visit our Facebookpage for events, updates and news.
See you on the court!



Training matches on Sunday the 9th of September

Hi Tigers,

On the 9th of september we had practice matches for all our sunday teams against VAKO from Vries. The first match was played by sunday A. Marijn started with a lot of girls who played against VAKO last season aswell. With a new and fit group de girls were off to a good start. While past matches against VAKO were very close, this match never was. De girls played concentrated, fierce and as a team. Marijn got the opportunity to let everyone get a lot of minutes in the field. The opponent got more tired after every period, while our girls kept going at the same speed. The combination of a good fierce defence and a well organised offence led to a great result: 36-16

The second match was for the guys. With some guestplayers and trainingmembers joining, we had a great group. Some haven't been able to play matches last year because there was no team. From the first moment it showed how fired up the guys were. The assignment was simple. Hit hard in defence the first ten minutes so the referees would allow hard defending. Keep the tempo up to get their small group tired. Play simple systems so we can get everyone in a scoring position. With Max in goal as our rock and perfect played out tactics, VAKO was completely wiped out. Everyone got to play a lot, some of the guys even on three positions. After the second period, VAKO was done, but our guys kept playing with speed and discipline creating the endscore of 38-10

The last match was for girls sunday B. The opponent was mostly the same girls that sunday A played against. At the start of the match the girls had to get used to playing together. Soon the agreements made and the two shouting coaches helped getting things on track. The defence made the biggest difference. With Nicole and Kirsten in goal, the opponent almost completely stopt scoring for a period. After the second period we knew this match would be won aswell. With some tips from Max the sunday B girls managed to put up a monsterscore too: 21-9

All the teams won their matches with more than twice the goals the opponents made. Marijn, Max and Roelof are happy with a great weekend. If we all keep showing the same commitment and concentration, we'll have a very successful year.


Foto, mannen team

Training times changed!

Beloved tigerss,

The upcoming two weeks we have some practice matches for upcoming season, therefore the practice times will be different. Be aware to show up at the right time . Oh and don’t forget to watch the game! Nice to see our fellow tigers fight for the win before or after your practice. 🐯🤾🏽‍


Thursday 20th of September:
18.30 - 20.00: Ladies midweek and Ladies Sunday 2 & 3 + training members
20:00 - 21:30: Ladies Sunday 1 - Unitas ladies 1
21:30 - 23:00: Men


Tuesday 25th of September:
18.30 - 20.00: Men
20.00 - 21.30: Ladies Sondag 2 - Artemis A-jeugd
21.30 - 23.00: Ladies midweek and Ladies Sunday 3 + trainingmembers
Ladies Sunday 1 will play a practice match in Haarle.


Thursday the 27th of September:
18.30 - 20.00: Ladies Sunday 1, 2 & 3 + trainingsmembers
20.00 - 21.30: Ladies midweek - V&S midweek 
21.30 - 23.00: Men


Loves, the board