The Promotion Committee

The PromoCie: the committee that came into existence as of 2019. And yes, also the committee that created the CT song on the beat of Eye of the Tiger!

Our goal is to have a great impact on the vast widespread knowledge of the existence of our beautiful club from Groningen. Furthermore, we aim to increase awareness on the performance of our teams in their competitions, as well as on the club sponsors and our different committees with active members (for which the club is extremely grateful for). Besides, we will highlight all the external events which provide a nice chance for our CT members to show their best sides and help the club acquiring additional resources. But above all, we want to share the ‘gezelligheid’ within the club. As we live in the age of digitalization, we will reach out to our tigers and beyond by modern means, so make sure to follow our Facebook page ‘HV De Cirkeltijgers’ and Instagram ‘hvdecirkeltijgers’.

Now, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our very first PomoCie in CT history:

Florien – the chairwoman of the committee. She recently graduated from her study Sports, Health and Management at Hanzehogeschool. She works at the moment as flo(or) manager at the Decathlon in Groningen, which she combines with playing handball as a midback player for our Ladies 3 team. Not only does she carry her team in the field, with her management skills, she will make sure that our committee runs smoothly.

Tina – secretary. While she is finishing her study in International Business at the RUG, she is also one of the Goalkeepers for ladies 1. Her wide range of talents include great communication and organizational skills, which have been vital for the promotion committee meetings to run their course. In addition, she has been trying to contacting newspapers to get our mighty club out there into the world.

Kirsten – head of social media. This super fanatic tiger is very creative, which becomes especially apparent as she not only collects WhatsApp stickers, she is also that kind of person who creates them. This goalie from our Ladies 2 team is not only a fantastic contribution in terms of handball, she is also a great member of our committee due to her creativity and motivation. Oh and in case you did not know, Kirsten studies Industrial Engineering & Management at the Hanze.

Lilou – website content creator. While also having the role as our club’s vice-chairwoman, her function is to manage our website, including relevant content and make sure it is as attractive and informative as possible. She assists the committee with her inside knowledge on matters such as our sponsors and external activities. This nursery student has been quite unlucky at the start of the season. Let’s hope she recovers quickly from her injury, so she can score goals for Ladies 2 with her strong left-handed shot.

David – website content co-creator. This fine Brit and archeology student not only has an interest in historical findings, handball caught his attention after twenty years of playing rugby. Even though some may suggest handball is just like rugby, David still has to learn that lifting people and directing them outside the field is not tolerated by handball referees. With a wide range of interests and skills, he is an excellent addition to the PromoCie.