I hereby authorizes HV De Cirkeltijgers, until further notice,to debit my account for the annual contribution as determined by the general members meeting (ALV) as payment for the membership of the concerning season.Furthermore, H.V. De Cirkeltijgers is authorized to debit other amounts owed to the club.The membership fee per year depends on the type of membership, there are trainingmembers, midweek members and Sunday members. If you don’t agree with a debit, a request for reversal of depreciation can be submitted to your bank within 8 weeks.

1. You have to possess an ACLO membership. 
2. You have to respect the statutes and the Internal Regulations of the club. These documents can be requested from the board.
3. By signing this form you provide H.V. De Cirkeltijgers an open authorization.
4. H.V. De Cirkeltijgers is authorized to debit costs for activities, fines, contribution and other amounts owed.
5. Termination of the membership must happen in writing before the 1st of June by sending an email to the secretary. The termination of the membership is definitive when you have received a conformation from the secretary.