Mannen 2019-2020

Cirkeltijgers Mannen 2019-2020

Mannen Senioren Hoofdklasse

Coach: Ruben Bosch

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Bovenste rij van links naar rechts: Max Schatz, Hugues Chesnais, Morten Lietz, Mathias Matzen, Rasmus Klitgaard, Jan Failenschmid, Ruben Bosch

Onderste rij van links naar rechts: Christian Darla, David Brown, Jannik Brumm, Bart Buijs, Lennard Pierey, Jaime Fernández Bimbo,  Marijn van Geet.

more information about the team:

This year, the men’s only team of the Cirkeltijgers are competing in the hoofdklasse HS-A division in the Netherlands handball structure. This division is at the fourth level in the Netherlands league scheme, with the top three levels being the 1e divisie, Eredivisie and the BeNe League which is a combination of the best Belgium and Dutch teams. Due to the high level the men’s play at, the Cirkeltijgers travel around the Netherlands playing teams as far south as Doetinchem near Nijmegen.

Since Cirkeltijgers is a university handball club, this adds to the team having quite a diverse range of nationalities in the squad. This is quite unusual for a handball club in the Netherlands, but for the Cirkeltijgers, it adds to our flair and imaginative playstyle. We have of course a core contingent of Dutch players hailing all around the Netherlands. There are some hard-working Germans in the team, applying their trade and skills. These two nationalities are the most numerous and the backbone of the team.

Also, a small band of Vikings hailing Denmark and Sweden, bringing in their technical abilities and knowledge to the squad. Alongside a Romanian, a French and a Spanish player who bring the never give up spirit. Lastly the oddest nationality that is in the Cirkeltijgers are two British players, with no experience, yet give their all for their new sport.

Now onto the best part, knowing the players of the mighty Cirkeltijgers men’s team for 2019-2020 season. The trainer of the Cirkeltijgers is Roelof Smeenge, our student coach is Ruben Bosch, and captain is Bart Buijs.

Goalkeepers: Max Schatz, the ‘Iron Giant’ of Germany. Not only is he the main goalkeeper for the Cirkeltijgers and a pain to shoot against, he is also the trainer/coach for the Ladies 2 team at the club. Our next Goalie is the Danish Rasmus Kiltgaard, the ‘Hermóðr Goalie’. Just like the Viking god of messenger, Ramsus is fast and light on his feet while defending the goal.  Lastly, we have Cristian Darla, our ‘Daube Protector’, our Romanian goalie from Eastern Europe.

Wing players: Jan. I. Failenschmid, one of three German snipers at the wing, his stealth-like abilities and quick speed leads to deadly strike at goal from the wing. Our second German sniper is Jannick Brumm, who is also stealthy and unnoticed, until that quick shot into the goal. Our last German sniper is Jan Philipp, the wise sniper in the corner, with his deadly powerful shots. Our Dutch wing is Jarne de Jong, despite setback of injury at the beginning of the season, is set to bring that Dutch stubbornness at back into the wing. David Brown, a British national, with no clue, yet he has been improving week in, week out, to the surprise of the trainer and the players. The other British player is Tom Collinson, who also is a beginner of the game, and enjoys the sport.

Back players: Jaime Fernandez Bimbo, our ‘Spanish Matador’, this guy is hard-working, quick on his feet, light in the air and challenges bigger opponents. He is a joy to watch for the Cirkeltijgers. ‘Iggy’ Hugues Chesnais, our napoleon of the Cirkeltijgers. He may have a short fuse, along with the trait of trying to win the game by himself for us, nonetheless, he has a do or die/ give it his all mentality for the Cirkeltijgers in the games. Lasse Buchwald, the ‘Bear of Bielefeld’, with his great defense and blocks against opponents attacks also plays brilliantly for the Cirkeltijgers. Bart Buijs, the ‘Dutch Devil’. The opposition hates him for his great playing ability and on-point, out of nowhere shooting. Referees hate him for his over-aggressive play, and we love him as our captain and leader. Marijn van Geet, the ‘mastermind’ with his shooting abilities at 7 meters and control of the game with his systems calling. Wesley Aalst, ‘Mr. Gym’ is the strongman of the team, with his thunder-like shot nerving opposition goalies. Lennard Pierey, the one that doesn’t stop smiling and who gives hope to the team when times are tough. Laurids is our lanky longarm German player learning more and more each day.

Pivots: Morten Lietz, the ‘Panzer Pivot’ of the Cirkeltijgers, his lighting quick reaction and power at pivot leaves holes in opposition defense. Mathias Matzen, our ‘Danish Váli’, just like the God, he is strong and good with a shot, once his hands are on the ball. Lastly, Elias Faltin, our German and Swedish hybrid of skill and hardworking is a great asset at offense.