Practical information


Fees per year (2017-2018):
Sunday competition member: €145,-
Midweek competition member: €105,-
Trainingmember: €55,-

Next to the club fee, all members are obliged to buy an ACLO card since the club trains at the ACLO sportscentre and is a part of this sport organisation. The card costs €59,95. With this card, you can visit sportsclasses, reserve squash courts and much more. For more information, please visit the ACLO site

Next to whole year fees, the club gives people the option to buy a half-year membership. This applies when you start your semester in February for instance, or only come here for one semester.
The first half-year membership is from August 1 until February 1 and you should apply before the first of August.
The second half-year membership is from February 1 until August 1, with no application deadline.

The fees per half-year (2017-2018):
Sunday competition member: €100-

Midweek competition member: €80,-
Trainingsmember: €40,-

For the half-year memberships it should be noted that
1. persons are still obligated to buy a full ACLO card
2. with competition teams, preference is given to people who are available for one whole season.



The home games for the Sunday teams are played in the Struikhal or HG hal, ACLO sportscentre, blauwborge 16, Groningen

The home games for the Midweek teams are played at Sporthal Vinkhuizen, Radiumstraat 150, 9743 SV Groningen